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Trifle with fruit

Make the jelly

1 packet of jelly cubes

150ml boiling water

Put the jelly cubes in a meausuring jug add the boiling warter and stir to dissolve, briefly microwave if the jelly will not fully dissolve.

Juice from 1 tin of Strawberries or rasberries

Add just the juice from the tin of strawberries, then add cold water to make up to the pint mark. Reserve the fruit from the tin
Make the Angel Delight

150ml cold milk from the fridge

1 satchet of Angel Delight powder

Whisk (with an electric whisk) for a couple of minutes until the mixture doubles in volume.
Assemble in a nice trifle dish

4 trifle sponges

Arrange in the bottom of the dish

Above dissolved jelly

Pour the jelly gently over the sponges

Above reserved strawberries

Add the strawberries, allow to cool then place in the fridge to set

Above Angel Delight or custard

When the jelly is set, spoon the Angel delight over the top. Return to the fridge to cool and set.